Multicultural Makeup and More

December 3, 2013 | By | Comments (1)

JodieandBenjaminSmallWhen I met with the founders of—Jodie Patterson and Benjamin Bernet—I was struck by how different they were. Female and male; French and American; dark skinned and light skinned, respectively. However, as we all know, beauty is more than skin (and hair!) deep. “We are not so different, Jodie and me,” Bernet told me in his tres charming French accent. “Look! We both have curly hair!”

More significantly, both have been in the beauty and fashion industry for years (he at L’Oréal, she at Zac Posen), and both are huge believers that beauty should be inclusive. Which is why their new website Doobop features hair, skin, and makeup products, tips, and tutorials that work for all brown skin tones (from a tan caucasian to the darkest African-American and everyone in between), and anyone with textured hair.

As a rather pasty caucasian woman, with stereotypically dark, curly Jewish/Hispanic hair, I found brands that I cherish on the site (think: Leonor Greyl hair care, which is infused with moisturizing oils); as well as ones I shouldn’t have assumed were off the table for me (such as Iman cosmetics, which offers plenty of colors that are flattering to my hair and skin tone). Also, those that were hard to put in any bucket (like HIPP x RGB, which has the coolest nail colors, hands-down, for all skin tones).

Bonus: Videos on holiday updos for the wavy-haired and how to apply bold colors to full lips. Walking the perfect line between very targeted and all-encompassing, the site is a fresh voice on the beauty scene. It brings to life the fact that, like Patterson and Bernet, we’re not so different after all.


  1. Sarabeth

    I hated the article. Did you really have to lead us to gawk at their skin color? We see their picture. For those that love beauty products, why couldn’t you just focus on their website, tell us about their quality European brands, and leave it at that. The article title and the founders’ picture says it all. America…so damn backwards and stuck in time! Americans always have to refer to people by their skin color.

    January 7, 2014 at 11:32 pm

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