Do You Have Combination Skin?

tissue-dispenser_300You may have noticed how many beauty brands have started labeling products “for combination skin.” So what does that mean, and how do you know if those products are right for you?

Unless your face is constantly shiny or perpetually parched, chances are you have combination skin, says Real Simple Beauty Assistant Jenny Jin.

One quick way to test if you fall into the category is to gently press a tissue onto your face. Peel off the tissue and inspect it: Is the oil distribution splotchy? Are there grease patches where the tissue met your forehead and little to no sign of it having ever touched your cheeks? Welcome to the confused complexion club! Luckily there are products aplenty that can help restore equilibrium to your face.

A good tip: If you find that your cheeks are drier than other parts of your face, use a cream blush. With its thicker, richer consistency, a cream will help to hydrate and blend in better, and it will last longer than a powder.


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