How to Listen to Christmas Music (That You Actually Want To Hear)

yourwords-cookie_300It’s that time of year again—when you want to enjoy holiday music on your own terms, and no longer be at the mercy of radio stations to play your favorite songs. Fortunately, you’ve got many options. A few of our cost-free picks:

  • If you know exactly what you want to hear: Spotify

Love a very specific version of “The Christmas Song,” that never seems to play? Streaming service Spotify allows you to pick and choose virtually any song or album you’d like to hear (holiday or otherwise). The playlist options are pretty much infinite as well, or you can use it as a radio station, and you also have the option to see what’s trending (you can know what’s going to be the next big thing before your kids do), and follow your friends, favorite brands, and even celebrities to see what they’re listening to.

  • If you know what kind of songs you want to hear: Songza

Songza is like an Internet radio for your mood: The Music Concierge tool suggests playlists for you based on your activity, the time of day, and then quirky things, like who you’re trying to impress. There’s a whole Christmas music section, which is perfect for anyone who can’t be bothered with picking-and-choosing a mix. (And some playlists have  fun names, too, like “A Cosby Sweater Christmas” and “Vintage Christmas Crooners.”)

  • If you already have the songs you want to hear: A DIY Playlist

Real Simple‘s copy chief, Nancy Negovetich, offers this advice for a playlist you’re guaranteed to love­—because the music is all yours: “I threw all of my Christmas albums onto a Christmas playlist on my iPod. I just hit shuffle for mood music.” How’s that for easy?

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