A Perfume for a Good Cause

November 5, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

IMG_1706Describing fragrances has been the bane of my beauty editor existence for years. How can I possibly relate to you what something smells like when it contains a blend of eight million notes (fragrance-eeze for specific aromas, such as “rose,” “jasmine,” or my favorite unknowable, “labdanum”)? It would be much easier if I could just give you the actual recipe for these fragrances so you could make them and try them for yourself… but companies are coy about their special sauces, and I can’t blame them. Part of the magic of a fragrance is the mysterious stew that goes into it. But I digress.

Here’s one I can describe—at least to those of you familiar with vetiver, a very popular, slightly masculine, fresh and citrusy note that you’re either a rabid fan of (see: me) or not.

If you love vetiver, you have to try Nomad Two Worlds Citadelle ($35 for the rollerball version shown here), which is predominantly composed of Haitian vetiver. (Interesting historical note: Haiti used to be one of the biggest exporters of vetiver; hence, proceeds from the sales of Citadelle will be used to support sustainable Haitian agricultural products such as vetiver.) Not only does a little dab transport you to vetiver paradise, but it also helps the people living in that vetiver paradise.

Learn more about the Nomad Two Worlds’ philanthropic activities—and get their awesome fragrances at NomadTwoWorlds.com.


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