How to Clean Embellished Denim

October 29, 2013 | By | Comments (1)

Stack of jeans

Decked-out jeans require some TLC, though not as much as you might think. It’s important to check the label, but you can generally machine-wash printed, colored, velvet, and motorcycle styles if you take a few precautions.

Before laundering, turn them inside out (to lessen fading and protect the nap of velvets) and zip up zippers (to prevent the teeth from abrading the material). Use cold water and a mild detergent on the gentle cycle. Finally, hang-dry, since machine dryers can destroy embellishments, special finishes, and dyed fabrics, says Nina Costello, the chief design and production for James Jeans.

As for coated, beaded, and leather- or metallic-trimmed jeans, it’s safest to send them to the dry cleaner.

See the new look of designer denim.


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