Wednesday Trivia: Sports and Snacking

September 18, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Cheesy Been Dip

A recent post on the New York Times Well blog caught my attention with a funny factoid: When our favorite sports teams lose, we gain weight. In a study of footballs fans, researchers found that their consumption of saturated fat increased by 28 percent the day after their favorite team lost a game, and decreased 16 percent the day after a win. And per the New York Times, “the association was particularly pronounced in the eight cities regarded as having the most devoted fans, with Pittsburgh often ranked No. 1.”

Maybe this is one of those instances where being aware of the problem is enough to curb it. But just in case, here are 24 nutritious-yet-tasty snacks to keep around during Monday Night Football. (Now just make sure there aren’t any unhealthy snacks around too.)


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