How to Prevent Split Ends

September 11, 2013 | By | Comments (1)


Are your ends dry and damaged? We’ve all been there. Since there’s no way to fix a strand of hair once it’s split, start with a clean slate. Head to your stylist for a healthy trim (a half inch to an inch off, depending on breakage), then follow these simple tricks to keep your freshly trimmed locks healthy:

▪   Use a deep conditioner two or three times a week.
▪   Avoid using a brush on wet hair; a wide-toothed comb is gentler.
▪   Pat hair dry with an absorbent hair towel rather than vigorously towel-drying.
▪   Cut back on shampooing and heat styling. Both can leave hair dry and more apt to split.

See more quick tips for healthy hair.


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