10 Affordable Rugs for Under $300 via Apartment Therapy

September 10, 2013 | By | Comments (2)

5220c54edbfa3f289d0021d3._w.540_s.fit_I am always looking for affordable rugs that don’t break the bank (especially in my house, with a toddler and sometimes-destructive labrador running around).

That is why I love this list put together by our friends at ApartmentTherapy.com. It offers 10 giant, affordable rugs for under $300. What a deal!

To see the full list, click here.

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  1. Lili Bras

    just as Patrick implied I’m stunned that any one can profit $6482 in 4 weeks on the computer. useful source…> jobs47.com

    September 10, 2013 at 7:14 pm
  2. Ellen Lahr

    For the eco-minded rug-hunter, a brand new company, Hook & Loom Rug Co., also sells lovely rugs for under $300, made from recycled textiles. hookandloom.com. Thought this might be of interest!

    September 26, 2013 at 2:08 pm

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