How to Keep Track of Your Kids’ Activities

September 6, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

calendar in entryway

Between play dates, soccer practice, and the math tutor, you might just forget that Junior had a piano lesson scheduled. Who can blame you? Ensure you don’t miss a beat by trading your traditional calendar (complete with those tiny, over-filled boxes) for a dry-erase board in your entryway.

Simply pick up a dry erase calendar (like this one) at your local office supply store, or draw a calendar on a traditional dry-erase board you already own. If you’re really determined to tackle your to-do list, try IdeaPaint, which is similar to chalkboard paint, to transform almost any surface (walls, doors, desks) into a dry-erase writing area with a single application. For $75, you get a roller and enough paint to cover a 20-square-foot space;

To minimize confusion about who’s where when, assign each family member a specific color marker.

See more back-to-school organizing tips.


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