Wednesday Trivia: Sun Exposure

July 10, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Sun Damage

We all know we’re not supposed to lie out in the sun trying to get a tan (that’s what sunless tanner is for, after all)….but do you do it anyway? According to an alarming new survey, about 40 percent of people say they burn on purpose—all for the sake of deepening a tan. What’s more, 25 percent of people believe that getting a burn is the only way to tan. (And yes, just about everyone surveyed was aware that even one sunburn significantly increases your chances of developing skin cancer). No wonder the disease is  on the rise in young women.

If you’re clocking a lot of pool and beach time this summer, do yourself a favor and resist the urge to resemble that tan beach comber lying next to you. Wear sunscreen, and re-apply it every few hours (we’ve got four great options right here). And while you’re at it, why not invest in one of these snazzy sun hats? You’ll look cute and smart.


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