Google’s New Summer Travel Savior

July 10, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Nexus 4 - Dynamic ReroutingGoogle announced today a much-anticipated upgrade to its maps app. Two features caught my road-warrior eye:

1) Real-time traffic maps can now make your life a bit easier. Rather than wincing when you see that long line of red on your Google map indicating miles of unbearable traffic,  when applicable, the app will alert you: “Faster route now available” with the exact amount of time it will save you. Just tap “Reroute” for the road less traveled. The one downside is that this feature is currently available on Android only.

2) The new Explore function lets you do just that: search the map of the town/area you’re in (or traveling to) to find nearby gas stations, ATMs, restaurants, pharmacies, and more. What this means? Roadside signs aren’t your only clue to essential amenities. You’ll have the freedom to figure out where to stop for healthier food options, bathroom breaks, emergency backseat entertainment (i.e., coloring books), and more.

The upgrade is now available on Android; and coming soon to iPhone and iPad.

Taking a summer road trip? What apps do you use to navigate your way?


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