Guesterly: A New Way to Connect Your Wedding Guests

July 5, 2013 | By | Comments (2)


A happy couple, beautiful decor, delicious food, and good music are all ingredients for an enjoyable wedding, but the best weddings seem to differentiate in one simple way: the guests are having so much fun they don’t want to leave.

So how do you ensure your guests stay long after the cake has been cut? Enter Guesterly, a customized magazine that helps guests get acquainted with one another before the festivities even begin.

Guesterly’s team of writers interview the bride and groom about each person on their guest list and pen mini bios for each partygoer. The couple then uses their Facebook accounts to log onto the company’s secure website to upload photos of each guest and a graphic designer customizes the book according to their wishes. Once the finished product has been proofed, the glossy is mailed to guests about a week before the big day.

To buy: $3,500 for a wedding of 100 or, for $10 a book, the couple can write their own bios (Guesterly will still design, publish, and mail out the book),

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