How to Remove Ketchup Stains

July 4, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

ketchup bottle

There are few things that go together like the Fourth of July and a barbecue. But with all those hamburgers and hot dogs, someone’s bound to drip ketchup on their festive attire. Follow these steps to remove any stubborn ketchup stains:

For a fast fix, dab the stain with water immediately. If you have detergent on hand or a product like Tide to Go, spot-treat the garment.

Once you have time to properly launder the clothing, treat the stain with liquid laundry detergent or a prewash stain remover, like Shout Advanced Ultra Gel Brush. If the stain is particularly difficult, spray light-colored fabrics with hydrogen peroxide, which acts as a mild bleach. Then, machine wash using a detergent or bleach that’s safe for the fabric.

More tips to get out summer’s toughest stains.


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