Wednesday Trivia: Checking Email on Vacation

July 3, 2013 | By | Comments (0)


In honor of Independence Day, most of us will enjoy a day off work tomorrow. But how many us will really stop working? According to a new survey from a company called Pertino,  half (59 percent) of Americans regularly check email, take a phone call, and more during their vacation. What’s surprising is the reason they’re checking in. For 47 percent of respondents, the desire to work from home stems from wanting to ease their own stress—not to please the boss.

So if you want to chill out tomorrow and on Friday, go ahead and check that blackberry (that is, if you’re worrying about what’s happening at the office). Just don’t let it take over the holiday. Throw a party using one of these creative ideas, pack a themed picnic or fire up the grill and make one of these festive recipes—and forget about the office for a while.


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