Should You Buy Frozen or Fresh Shrimp?

June 7, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Shrimp Tacos

Fresh is always better, right? Maybe not alwaysHere’s a fishmonger’s secret: The shrimp on ice at the seafood counter may be less fresh than those in the freezer aisle.

Almost all shrimp is frozen soon after they’re harvested to preserve them during shipping. With the exception of most American Gulf and Georgia varieties, a large portion of “fresh” shrimp are actually just frozen shrimp that have been thawed. Since they have already been defrosted, they have a shelf life of only two days. Buying frozen shrimp is not only less expensive, but it can also alleviate the pressure of having to use the seafood right away.

To cook with frozen shrimp, simply thaw them by running them under cold water for several minutes in a colander.

Get tips for choosing, storing, and preparing shrimp.


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