Wednesday Trivia: What’s Lurking Between Your Toes

June 5, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Barefoot with Heel

If you’ve always thought feet were kind of gross, pat yourself on the back: You were right.   According to a new landmark study from the journal Naturethe average person’s foot is home to nearly 200 types of fungi—more than any other part of the body. (No wonder you had to wear flip-flops in the shower in college!) The heel houses the most fungi (80 different varieties), with toenail clippings (60 types) and the toes (40 types) trailing close behind.

Surprisingly, though, the fungi aren’t what causes feet to smell. That lovely privilege belongs to bacteria; you can find our explanation right here.

Sandal season can take a beating on your feet and up the ante on the nasty little visitors that thrive on them. So check out our summer foot care check list,  and five products that will keep your tootsies clean, soft and dry. Now go give your feet a nice little soak—and if you have a partner who might deign to massage your feet afterward, make sure he or she doesn’t see this!


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