How To Protect Your Hair at the Pool

May 17, 2013 | By | Comments (1)

woman in pool

Who cares if it’s still only spring? We’re already thinking about our first summer swim—and we want our readers to be prepared. So when you’re in and out of the pool, use these surprising tips from celebrity hairstylist Kristan Serafino to protect your hair.

Before swimming, wet down and condition (but don’t rinse!) your hair. The conditioner will act as protective barrier that keeps your locks from absorbing chlorine.

Done with your swim? Pin up your hair in a twist or a chignon rather than wearing it down or in a ponytail. That way, it will be less exposed to damaging ultraviolet light.

Now that your hair is taken care of, get on with the summer planning, starting with our guide to hosting a pool party.


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