30-Second Updo

30-Second Updo

Literally, that’s how long it took makeup artist Melissa Silver to twist up her hair into this cute bun when the elements (unusually warm temperatures, high humidity) conspired against her on the day of a RealSimple.com beauty shoot. Here’s how to re-create her go-to do for bad-hair days:

• Gather your hair as if you’re going to make a high ponytail. Holding the hair in one hand, gently shake your head so some pieces fall out at the temples.

• With your other hand, slide a ponytail elastic around your gathered hair. Twist the elastic, then loop it around your gathered hair, pulling your hair halfway through it to create a top knot.

• Pin hair casually around the elastic to hide it. Don’t worry if the bun looks messy: It’s supposed to!

Find more quick and easy hairdos here.

[photo by Elinor Carucci]


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