Why Cold-Water Laundry Isn’t Foolproof

Why You Can't Always Wash Clothes on Cold

So to preserve colors and protect the environment, you’ve switched to cold water for the majority of your laundry. But—there’s always a but, isn’t there?—sometimes your clothes still smell once they’ve been through the wash. Now what do you do?

As you might have guessed, while cold water does get your clothes clean, it isn’t always as effective at removing smells from your garments, so every third or fourth wash, try running the load on a warm cycle—not hot, just warm. That will get rid of any lingering scents. Switching to a cold-water formulated laundry detergent will also help. (You can see our favorite specialized detergents here.)

For more tips on doing your laundry more effectively check out our complete washer and dryer guide.


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