Cut Down on Dinner Prep Time with a Toaster Oven

Frigidaire Toaster Oven

Do you have a toaster oven? Forever ago, I blogged about how I thought it was one of the few appliances that was worth the counter space in a small kitchen—an opinion I stand by. In my apartment, because it’s a Brooklyn rental, the oven is less than stellar. I’m never actually sure if it is hot enough even though I have an oven thermometer, and during the summer it heats up our apartment too much to make it practical to use. Plus, waiting for it to pre-heat frequently outlasts my dinner prep time.

Instead, I’ve started to use my toaster oven (I have the one from Frigidaire pictured above), to roast vegetables or fruits to go in salads or to bake fish fillets that I’ve defrosted during the day. The best part is there is absolutely no pre-heat time. It’s cut a  good half an hour out of my dinner prep.

How about you? Do you use your toaster oven to help you save time in the kitchen? See the best toaster ovens here and get quick and easy meals for your family.



    Since there are times, when I am cooking for two not three, I use my toaster oven to bake fish, chicken and veggies. It works great even to bake a small batch of cookies.

    May 6, 2013 at 1:43 pm
  2. MW333

    I absolutely agree. My Cuisinart toaster oven (with convection and a broiler!) is used almost every day. I can finish cooking my son’s chicken nuggets in the time I’d be waiting for the oven to preheat. I LOVE my toaster oven.

    May 8, 2013 at 12:07 pm
  3. Kay Taylor

    Depending on what I’m cooking, I’ll use my toaster oven for my main oven. I have a extra large toaster oven that has convection, rotisserie, dehydrator, broiler, toaster, and defroster. The brand is Euro-Prox. I have been looking at the breville for my next one when time comes to replace.

    May 8, 2013 at 12:08 pm

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