How To: Wear White Shoes (Without Looking Like A Bride)

April 25, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Once again, the fashion powers that be have introduced a trend that leaves even the most style-conscious wondering if it’s possible to pull off. This spring that have-to-have-but-how-do-I-wear-it trend is white shoes. Here are three quick shopping guidelines to keep you from looking like you robbed a bridal shop.

1. Mix In Neutrals. White mixed with neutral tones is a classic combination that always feels fresh (think of white against tanned skin—it’s the same principal), and the addition of another color is a step away from the wedding atelier look. Keep neutrals on the lighter side to stay true to the feel of the “white” trend. Avoid pastels; when mixed with white they can too closely resemble an Easter egg.

2. Look For Modern Shapes And Texture. Sharp, clean lines, prominent hardware, and unexpected textures—like faux stingray—take heels to a place that’s more edgy than sweet.

3. Keep Details Minimalist. A sleek silver cap toe is a far cry from the spangles, sequins, and feathers that often adorn bridal footwear.

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