A Quick Guide To Pant Lengths and Shoe Styles

April 23, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

So you’ve found the perfect pants—they fit just right in the waist, sit just right on the hips, and aren’t too clingy around the thighs—all set, right? Almost. Many women don’t realize (or forget or flat-out ignore) the fact that, for that perfect fit, pants and jeans need to be the right length, as well. Complicating matters further, this means different lengths for different types of shoes. Here’s a quick cheat sheet:


Skinny and Cropped:  You’re in luck here. Since these don’t interfere with footwear at all, they’ll work with both heels and flats. If you’re on the shorter side—or if the inseam is abnormally long—and you notice extra fabric bunching around your ankles, consider having them hemmed.


Straight, Wide-Leg, and Flared with Flats:  When wearing looser cuts like these with flats or kitten heels, pants should have a slight “break” over your foot. What’s a break? It’s the technical term for the small fold that occurs when the cuff of your pant leg rests on your foot or shoe, causing the fabric to buckle slightly above it.


Straight, Wide-Leg, and Flared with Heels:  When wearing pants with heels two inches or higher, ideally your pants should cover the top of the shoe and the hem should be one inch above the ground. If the hem is higher than this, it will create a visual effect that makes your legs look shorter than they are. Any longer, and you risk dragging your hems along the ground or looking like you don’t have feet.


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