A Surprising Health Benefit of Laptop Computers

April 19, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

woman using laptop

If you have access to a desktop and a laptop computer, take our advice: Use the laptop more often. Why? While staring at any screen is  bad for your vision, looking at a laptop isn’t nearly as bad as looking at a desktop. (Did you know we blink half as much as we should when we’re viewing text on a screen?) Turns out, when you’re looking down at a laptop, less eye surface is exposed to the screen, which means there’s less tear evaporation. As a result, your eyes stay moister than they would if you were looking at a bigger, stationary monitor.

If you have to use a desktop (like I do, here at work), raise your chair or tilt your screen four inches below eye level, as measured from the center of the screen, so you aren’t looking straight ahead.  It’s surprising advice, right? I know so many people who do the opposite—propping their laptop on a stand or a stack of books, so it’s directly in front of their eyes.

Check out more tips on protecting your eyes, plus six effective treatments for dry eyes.


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