Smart Product: Umbra T-Shirt Frame

April 13, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

What is it about T-shirts and sports uniforms that hold such sentimental value? So many people have collections of tees that no longer fit, and up until now it seemed like the only option for preserving them was to turn them into a T-shirt quilt. (No, thank you!)

But Umbra now has this smart product, the t-frame t-shirt display. Take a look:

t-frame t-shirt display

Isn’t that smart? Now it won’t solve your T-shirt storage problems if you have stacks and stacks of them, but for a few of the really special ones, it’s the perfect solution. I can imagine these hanging in a rec room or kids’ bedroom.

What do you think? Would you display some of your favorite tees this way? See more problem-solving products here.


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