Flattering Necklines for All Types of Necklaces

April 8, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

When it comes to fashion, the devil is in the details. A beautiful necklace and a great top should be a no-brainer, but to pull off that combo with true style, a little balance of shape and proportion go a long way. Here are five common necklines and a rule of thumb for wearing a necklace with each.

Crew Neck Top

1. Crew Neck – One of the most common necklines, and also one of the easiest to work with. You can wear nearly any necklace with a crew neck, but a statement collar that follows the neckline exactly looks extra style-savvy.

Scoop Neck Top

2. Scoop Neck – An exaggerated, more feminine version of a crew neck, stick with a necklace that follows the neckline; in this case, you want it to sit within the neckline instead of right over it.

Split "V"-Neck Top

3. Split “V”-Neck – A round neckline with a narrow, centered “V” begs for a small pendant that falls right in the center. Layer a few necklaces to add a little personal style.

Bateau Neck Top

4. Bateau – This wide, high neckline feel geometric and can handle more structural necklaces that cut across rather than following it.

Deep "V" Neck Top

5. Deep “V” – A more formal neckline calls for a dressier necklace. Look for necklaces that come to a point to match the pointed neckline for a satisfying pairing.

Learn how to pair necklaces with dresses in our guide to accessorizing dresses of every style.


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