National Day of Unplugging: Turn Off Your Gadgets for 24 Hours

National Day of Unplugging Poster

Back in January, Kathleen posted about a family who lives completely tech-free. Now, given the fact that my job is almost exclusively based on the internet (and I like Twitter and Instagram quite a lot), I could never go tech-free full time.

Instead, I try to unplug from time to time. The last time I did so, was the weekend before Hurricane Sandy hit New York City, while I was visiting my sister on the West coast. Thank goodness I’d added her e-mail address to my Jet Blue reservation, or I wouldn’t have known that my Sunday night flight was cancelled until I was en route to the airport.

Thankfully, my other digital detoxes have gone much more smoothly. And I’m going to attempt another one starting at sunset tonight. I’ll be joining in the National Day of Unplugging, which runs from sundown Friday, March 1st to sundown Saturday, March 2nd.

No TV, no gadgets, no computer, no phone. Guess I’ll have to find a good book to read.  Will you be joining me?

[You can download the poster shown above, fill it in, and upload it to the National Day of Unplugging site here.]


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