How To Cuff a Shirt Sleeve

March 1, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

The key to the stylishly cuffed shirt sleeve? A careful balance that walks the line between prim and sloppy and results in effortless chic. Here’s how to get there.

J. Crew selvedge chambray shirt, $88;

1. If sleeves are loose, keep the cuff button closest to your elbow fastened—this will keep the cuffs from sliding down.

2. Fold or roll the cuffs back a few times, about halfway up your forearm.

3. From this point, instead of continuing to roll the cuffs all the way, push the cuff up to just above your elbow. This creates less bulk (and that “I didn’t even try” look).

[Top shown: J. Crew selvedge chambray shirt, $88;]


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