Wednesday Trivia: How Much Time Women Spend Putting on Makeup

February 27, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Woman with mascara

According to a new British study, the average woman spends 474 days of her lifetime (that’s one year, and 3 months) applying makeup and other cosmetics. Think there’s no way you devote that much time to “putting on your face.” Don’t be sure:

The women in the study spent just 14.5 minutes applying makeup on weekday mornings (on average), 24 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday, and every now and then, over an hour getting ready for a major night on the town.

The most time-consuming task of the primping routine: Getting the eyes just right. (For most women, this tiny piece of real estate takes up 25 percent of their total makeup time.)

Want to shorten your beauty routine? Check out this classic Real Simple video of a fuss-free, 5-minute make-up application.


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