Spread Out Exercise to Make it More Effective

February 13, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Bike and Exercise Calendar

If your weekdays are jam-packed, it’s tempting to try to cram all of your physical activity into a marathon session over the weekend, but experts recommend thinking twice before taking that approach. Why? The number one reason is that you’re more likely to injure yourself by over-exercising if you try to fit everything in two days. Second, you’re not getting the same immediate benefits—like lowered blood sugar and increased metabolism—as if you work out for shorter 30 minute sessions several days per week.

But keep in mind that your 30 minutes of activity doesn’t have to be consecutive. A brisk 10-minute walk with your dog in the morning and evening, and you’re almost done for the day. Add a walking meeting and you’re all set.

Get the answers to more everyday health dilemmas here. Plus, try some of our 15 minutes and you’re done workouts.


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