How to Clean Leeks

February 4, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Leeks are one of my favorite ingredients to add to winter soups and risottos. I love that they have an onion-y taste, but are just different enough to change a dish.


The only problem is that they can be a pain to wash. Here are the steps to follow for clean, grit-free leeks:

1. Cut off the dark green leaves and discard.
2. Cut the stalk of the leek in half lengthwise.
3. Slice the halves into pieces at the width called for in the recipe.
4. Fill a bowl with cold water and place the cut leeks inside.
5. Swish the leeks around to remove the dirt.
6. Remove leeks with your hands—the grit will stay in the water.
7. Repeat with fresh water until the water remains clear.

What’s your favorite way to cook with leeks? Here are a few suggestions: Linguine with Artichokes and Leeks, Poached Scallops with Leeks and Carrots, Creamy Mashed Potato and Leek Soup, Potato and Leek Flat Bread with Greens.


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