Save Money by Negotiating Your Bills

January 22, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

negotiateMy dad has mad skills when it comes to negotiating. I’ve seen him name his price for cars and clothing, among other things. Aside from food, I’m not really sure if he’s ever paid the designated retail price for anything. (I exaggerate—but only a little bit.)

I always have good intentions to haggle for a better deal, but often get cold feet when I’m in the moment. Anything that I had planned to say simply disappears from my mind and I end up handing over my credit card to pay full price—without as much as a whimper of protest.

That’s why I downloaded the Negotiate It app. It  cost me $5, but in return I got word-for-word scripts to help negotiate lower cell phone bills, cable costs, and more. Plus, the app gave me phone numbers for popular banks and investment companies, so I didn’t have to spend the time trying to find that information myself.

The app claims to save the average user almost $150. So hopefully now that I know exactly what to say, I can do just that.

For tips on how to negotiate for other things—including medical bills and jewelry purchases, click here.


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