Ask and You Shall Receive

January 15, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

shoppingThis past weekend, I did a bit of shopping. We needed a bunch of groceries and a couple of dutiful clothing basics from a department store, too.

At the supermarket, there were plentiful sales on produce, so I tried to mainly fill my cart with items that were discounted. So imagine my chagrin in the checkout line when I realized that I didn’t have my frequent-shopper card. (After my entire cart was already unloaded, of course!) At first, I thought I was going to have to pay full price for all the insanely good bargains—or reload my entire cart and head to customer service to have them look up my account number.

Neither seemed like a good option, so I just told the worker that I forgot my card and asked if she could give me the reduced prices regardless. She did—and I ended up saving over $20!

My good luck continued at the mall. I found what I needed marked down 40 percent. Then, when waiting at the register, the customer in front of me used a 15 percent off coupon that she clipped from a newspaper circular. I didn’t have a coupon myself, but when it was my time to pay, I simply asked the clerk if I could receive the same discount. He kindly gave it to me, resulting in a savings of a few bucks.

The lesson learned? You never know when you can get something for less, so just ask.

Do you have any smart shopping strategies?


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