Do You Make Resolutions?

December 31, 2012 | By | Comments (2)

New Year's Eve Clock

It’s here, the last day of 2012. And after the dust settles from tonight’s festivities, we’ll be looking toward new things in 2013. So I want to know: what resolutions are you making for 2013? If you make resolutions, that is.

I’ll share mine in the comments as well—after I come up with them.

While you’re brainstorming, here are 4 tips for making those resolutions stick.

1. Be specific: You’ll have an easier time sticking to your goals if you know exactly what your goals are.
2. Make your goal public: There’s nothing like being accountable to your family, friends, and Twitter followers to make you achieve a goal.
3. Swap good behaviors for bad: Don’t just go cold turkey. Substitute behaviors and kill two birds with one stone. For example: stop watching so much T.V. and taking a yoga class can go hand in hand.
4. Track your progress: As I told one of my friends this summer, nothing motivates me like a progress bar.


  1. rosemarie1

    As a Christian, I find the look back and look ahead very meaningful. I check back through my journals to see if I’ve been faithful to my values. Then it’s time to see what I can improve on. That list is usually longer!

    This year’s resolutions –
    1) spiritual: pursue a relationship with God wholeheartedly through spiritual disciplines and paying attention to scripture and prayer
    2) mental: I finished my PhD last year so need to keep up research and writing. I’ll aim to write 3 conference or peer review papers
    – Brush up on languages: German and French; maybe start on Spanish (I’ve always wanted to learn it)
    3) physical: eat vegan most of the time.
    – Exercise 1/2 hour 5X a week.
    4) Social: have people over at least once a month. I’ll have the house clean and enjoy friends’ company.
    5) Other: read good books that satisfy the heart and soul (fiction or non-fiction)
    – Declutter the basement. This is a 12 month chore of sorting 18 years of accumulation so I’ll have to set out written guidelines… I’m overwhelmed by the thought.

    December 31, 2012 at 2:59 pm
  2. rosemarie1

    As a Christian, I like to look back and then ahead. On Dec. 31 I typically peruse the past year’s journal to see if I’ve kept the resolutions from the last year, asking, what needs strengthening? Where have I done well? Then I make resolutions for the new year. This year –
    1) spiritual: renew my commitment to the faith. Pursue a relationship with God by paying attention to scripture and prayer; choose spiritual disciplines to shore up weak areas and create a balanced spirituality
    2) mental: I finished my PhD this year so I need to continue research and writing. I plan to write 3 conference or peer reviewed articles and finish the intro and conclusion of my book.
    – Boost my German and French. Maybe start Spanish? (Have wanted to learn this for about 10 years)
    3) physical: exercise 5 X 1/2 hour minimum each week. (Signed up for a women’s 2X wk bootcamp and 2X hot yoga. Add a walk or two?)
    – Eat more vegan meals, especially with raw and fresh ingredients
    4) Other: Anticipate joy – enjoy babysitting my granddaughter weekly; look forward to visits from the kids each Sunday lunch
    – Celebrate a long marriage (35 years) by showing my husband love any way I can – more service to thank him for serving me (Yup, he’s a keeper! who brings me tea each morning and rubs my feet every evening.)
    – Be open to new experiences and changes. Purge the clutter of the basement by next Christmas to perhaps renovate the space in 2014.

    Looking forward to the New Year. You?

    December 31, 2012 at 3:08 pm

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