Style-Emergency Kit – 5 Items to Always Have On Hand

December 28, 2012 | By | Comments (1)

Just a few simple things can prevent (or fix) a host of sartorial slip-ups. Professional stylists bring these items to photo shoots, and having learned from experience how helpful they can be, also carry a pared-down version in their day-to-day bags.

Fashion Kit

1. Safety pins. Small but mighty – perfect quick fixes for a broken strap, a broken necklace, or a missing button.

2. Double-stick tape will hold anything in place, from a sliding strap, to a low-cut neckline. You can even use it as a temporary hem-fixer. Try Hollywood Fashion Tape, which is super sticky and flexible, and comes in a sleek box of precut strips (much chicer than toting around a tape dispenser).

3. Moleskin padding. These self-adhesive, cut-to-fit sheets prevent all kinds of pain, from impending blisters to uncomfortable underwires.

4. Mini sewing kit for on-the-go repairs. We love that this one contains scissors and that all of the items snap securely into designated spots.

5. Mini lint rollers – absolutely essential if you have pets. Or friends with pets. Or might go anywhere ever where there will possibly be an animal. Or if you have a sweater or rug that sheds fibers. Or … well, need we say more?


  1. Linda

    What about the makeup? I thought that would be first.

    December 30, 2012 at 5:58 pm

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