What To Do If You Get Lost on The Way to Grandma’s

December 21, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

road trip maps

For some of us, the holiday season is all about hosting, but for many more of us, it’s about driving over the river, through the woods, down the freeway, onto some back roads and then….a couple of  hours later…into the driveway of a loved one. If you’re going to a place you’ve never visited (or that you visit infrequently), you know that getting lost along the way is a distinct possibility. Here’s what to do if it happens.

First, stop and turn around as soon as possible once you realize you’re lost. You may be tempted to keep going in the hope that you’ll miraculously correct the course, but the truth is, the farther you drive, the more lost you’ll get. So backtrack all the way to the last landmark or exit that you recognize—even if it takes 15 or 20 minutes. Don’t stop to ask directions unless you’re in a safe, well-lit area.

As you’re driving, try to understand why you got lost. Did you miss a turn? Make a wrong turn? This is the key to not getting lost again. People tend to make the same errors repeatedly, such as zoning out and not seeing signs, and you’ll be less likely to make the same error if you know your weaknesses.

And to keep you (and your kids) from getting carsick as you wind back through your route, check out this advice.


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