How to Store Books

December 13, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

Four hardcover books

If you have more books than you have space on your bookshelf, you might find yourself having to put some of those beloved titles in storage—especially as your kids grow up and there are picture books that you just.can’t.part.with.

If you do store some of your books, pack them up in cardboard boxes instead of in plastic bins. Why? Because plastic bins will trap any kind of moisture that’s in the book when you put them away, which could cause the pages to mold or mildew. This is assuming you can store the books in a closet won’t go through extreme temperature or moisture fluctuations.

If you do have to store your books in a basement or attic where they might be subject to water damage, opt for plastic bins, but toss in some of those silica gel packets that come with new shoes or handbags. They will help keep your favorite titles dry and well preserved.

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