Add These Fruit Crisps to Your Party Food Supply

December 10, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

Simple & Crisp

I’m always looking for new foods to add to my entertaining pantry—those foods that I can keep on hand and pull out for snacks when I have unexpected or last-minute guests. And these new dried fruit crisps from Simple & Crisp will be a new staple for me. I got a chance to try them last week, and they are both quite tasty.

They come in apple, pear, orange, and soon blood orange (find out where you can buy them here). And each flavor comes with pairing suggestions (chocolate, cheese, wine—all of my favorite things). I’ll be stashing a few boxes of these away in my cupboard along with mixed nuts, nice crackers, and some honey or quince paste. Get ideas for quick party appetizers, and then tell me what you keep stocked in your pantry for surprise visitors.


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