Tight Holiday Budget? Try Homemade Gifts

December 4, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

Christmas tree

With news about going over the fiscal cliff dominating the headlines and e-mails proclaiming “Sale extended!” popping up in my inbox, I wasn’t too surprised to hear that the majority of consumers are cutting back on their holiday spending.

A recent poll hosted by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling found that half of shoppers plan to spend less this year than they did in 2011—and a whopping 37 percent plan to spend nothing at all.

Hands down, having a holiday budget—and sticking to it—is the best financial decision you can make this tempting time of year. Kuddos to those of you who made the smart (and I’m sure, difficult) decision that your current gift-giving budget needed to be smaller than last year’s.

But don’t think reducing (or even eliminating) your budget means you can’t spread some cheer. Click here and here and be inspired to make great hand-made gifts that your family and friends are sure to love.


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