Do You Send Holiday Cards?

November 13, 2012 | By | Comments (1)

Holiday Cards

Sending holiday cards is one of my favorite traditions each year. I generally try to make my own, but sometimes I opt for the boxed version instead. Especially when I wait until the eleventh hour to get started. I always promise that I’m going to get things done earlier, but a busy holiday schedule inevitably gets the best of me.

If you are sending cards, this is the week to start gathering everything. Here’s what you should aim to get done before Thanksgiving:

  • Compile the list of people you’re sending cards to.
  • Update your address book, and contact anyone whose address you don’t have.
  • Decide whether you’re sending cards in envelopes or post cards, and buy the appropriate postage.
  • Buy your cards.

Then you can use one of the days during the long Thanksgiving weekend to start writing and addressing the cards.

See our full holiday card checklist here, and get suggestions for what to write inside.