The Two Items You Don’t Have in Your Pantry—But Should

October 31, 2012 | By | Comments (2)


Like many in the tri-state area, I’ve clocked a few hours staring at my pantry over the past day or two. In the process, one fact has become very apparent: Mine could use some cleaning and organizing. So as soon as the weather improves, I’m heading out to grab these two essentials: A lazy susan, and a small step stool.

The lazy susan is for sticky and spillable products, such as vinegar, honey, cookie decorations, and baking powder.  Not only will it contain messes, but because it can be taken out, it’s easier to clean than a cupboard shelf. Plus, with a quick spin, everything on it becomes viewable.

What’s the point of the the step stool? Well, with easy access to this essential,  I won’t find myself on my tippy-toes reaching for a heavy bottle of olive oil—and then watching it crash to the ground. (Actually, while I’m at, I’ll be moving the olive oil to the bottom shelf.)

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