Hello, Readers!

Hi, Bookies:

I’m Jenny Brown, the associate copy editor at Real Simple and your discussion leader for this month. My job entails thinking about words and punctuation and sentence structure and reading Real Simple all day—it’s a pretty great gig for a grammar lover like me.

I’m also a fiction fanatic, and The Awakening has been on my reading list for about five years. It’s a must-read for anyone with even a minor interest in feminism, since it was such a groundbreaking work about female independence. I wonder if I will support Edna Pontellier’s actions or condemn them: Is she brave or selfish? Is she admirably freeing herself from the shackles of marriage or just cruelly abandoning people who love her? I can’t wait to explore these questions with you all!

It’s a slim volume, so we’ll be able to keep the schedule to three weeks; that way, we won’t have to think about anything but food on Thanksgiving weekend. Let’s break it down into 13 (short) chapters a week for three weeks.

November 2: Chapters 1 to 13
November 9: Chapters 14 to 26
November 16: Chapters 27 to 39

That’s all for now! Come back next Friday for the first segment of our discussion.