How do you organize the many, many, many Legos®?

October 21, 2012 | By | Comments (14)

It’s a common complaint amongst the community of moms and dads with children obsessed with Legos – what do you “do” with all the little bricks and how do you keep them from appearing underfoot in every room in your house?

With a husband who brought thousands of Legos into our marriage, and a family who received many thousands of pieces last Christmas, it is a “problem” that I have struggled with for years. That, and figuring out how to provide enough space for the kids to play/display their Lego treasures.

Through my research, I have found several Lego-storage solutions including the Iris Lego Project Case Chest at Target, Lego Storage Bricks from The Container Store, and the Box4Blox organizer. The problem with each is capacity – as in, none are able to accommodate the growing collection.

Our current solution is to use something we had already – a bin toy organizer that, before it was conscripted into service as a Lego organizer held a random assortment of toys. For our daughter’s smaller collection of Lego Friends, which she did not want included in the larger collective, we used the Box4Blox caddy which automatically sorts the blocks by size into four trays.

To wrangle the multitude of instructions manuals we used an old fashioned solution – a huge 3-ring binder and paper protectors. During a recent Lego Friends rebuilding session (Heartlake City had been devastated by a recent playdate) we downloaded instructions to replace our missing booklets.

For displaying and playing, each of our children has a table in their room – Sophie uses an old side table, Anders his old train table. Neither is ever big enough for their big dreams, which is when we move the fun downstairs to our dining room table or (of course) the floor.

Of course, as one friend recently told me, “no parent has found the perfect solution” to storing the Lego blocks. So the question is – how do you store the many, many, many Legos cluttering your home?