How to Make Candy Corn

October 19, 2012 | By | Comments (2)

We’re quite the foodie bunch here at, so when our associate producer Erin Henry told me she was making candy corn, I knew we had to share it in our Halloween series. See Erin’s tips below. Plus, at the very end some more homemade candy recipes.

Homemade Candy Corn

I can’t resist a seasonal treat. Peeps, Girl Scout Cookies, Mallomars—I love them all. Over the past year, I’ve tried recreating some of these limited time only favorites in my own kitchen. This week, the challenge was candy corn. Love it or hate it, nothing screams Halloween quite like these sweet, chewy candies. Armed with Alton Brown’s candy corn recipe and lots of optimism, I got to work. Alton’s recipe is pretty straightforward, but here are a few tips for fellow candy corn novices.

1. The recipe calls for the sugar syrup to be heated to 230 degrees fahrenheit. I obediently pulled out my candy thermometer and followed those instructions, but my first batch was a sticky, gooey mess. I tried again, heating the mixture to 240 degrees fahrenheit this time, and got a much better texture.

2. I don’t own a wire butter slicer, metal bench scraper, or pizza cutter. A paring knife and offset spatula work just fine.

3. Work quickly! The candy dries as it sits out, so the faster you work, the better.

4. If you can, make the candy corn a day or two before you plan to serve it. Mine tasted bland on the night I made it, but became more flavorful and chewier over time. I am also going to try adding more flavoring the next time I make it (maybe almond extract or, as a co-worker suggested, fiori di sicilia).

And that’s it! In about an hour, you can make your own version of this iconic autumnal treat. Is anyone else out there thinking of making their own candy corn this Halloween?

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