How we made “me and my troop” necklaces for Brownies

October 18, 2012 | By | Comments (3)

As readers of this blog may remember, last year I took on the challenge of running/organizing my daughter’s Daisy Girl Scout troop. As any volunteer knows, once one has taken on a task, the chances are one is going to be “stuck” with the job for the foreseeable future. And while there are certainly challenges to taking on a volunteer position like this, I have to admit, I’m happy my troop parents wanted me to return!

Once again I have planned a full schedule of badge earning opportunities with the goal of delegating responsibility for organizing activities around those badges. With the first meeting being, of course, my responsibility.

We had a lot to do for our first meeting – catch up with the girls after a summer apart, compare successes and failures of patch application on the new uniforms, and get the year started off on the right foot.

To help us, I came up with an idea of creating a troop necklace where each Girl Scout would leave the meeting wearing a necklace that represented each of the girls in the troop. While I looked at lots of materials and necklace options, including soda caps, I eventually decided on a low-cost option.

Using a no-cook recipe I found on Pinterest (because, really, where else does one find crazy project ideas like this one??) from Busy Bee Kids After a little experimentation, I was able to make over 100 charms, using a small cookie cutter and chopsticks to make the hole. The charms took about 5 days to reach maximum hardness, during which time I regularly fretted that this was just not going to work.

During the meeting, I gave the girls 9 charms (one for each girl including themselves) and instructed them to pick something that symbolized them, and draw it on each charm. On the back the girls put their initials.

After exchanging the charms, the girls strung them on necklace chains from Oriental Trading Company (because, where else do you find the materials for the crazy ideas??) separating each charm with beads we had left over from last year.

And that’s it! While stringing the necklaces we asked each girl to explain their symbol, which led to fun conversations and interactions among the girls.

With two years of Brownie activities before me, I’m going to be collecting more ideas on Pinterest. 

How did you get your Girl Scout troop year started?