The Secret to Safely Cleaning Your Cushions

October 15, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

Spilled Wine

When you spill a glass of wine on the couch, do you immediately spring into action—grabbing a damp towel, club soda, or stain stick? Next time, take a precautionary measure: Turn over the cushion and take a look at the label.

You see, upholstery labels generally bear one of four markers that shed light on how the fabric should be cared for. “W” means that the fabric can be treated with water-based detergents. “S” indicates that the fabric can be treated only with solvents (meaning it needs to be professionally cleaned). “WS” means it can be treated either way. And “X” denotes vacuuming only—no solvents or detergents can be used.

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