How to Fix a Ruined Dish

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Botched Dinner

It happens to the best of chefs: You cook up a recipe that sounds absolutely amazing, but for whatever reason—bad directions, or your own slip-up—it doesn’t come out right. The good news: Unless it tastes truly foul, you don’t have to abandon that lovingly prepared food. Melissa Clark shared some great tips for resuscitating dishes gone awry in the New York Times a few days ago. Here are her best bits of advice.

1. If the dish looks funny (but tastes good), just rename it. Writes Clark, “Over the years I’ve served my guests “blackened carrot salad” (I added pomegranate molasses too early when roasting the roots), “melting, garlicky green beans” (I forgot about them on the stove and they almost dissolved), and “molten fudge brownies” (underbaked, that is).

2. If your meat is overcooked, chop it up and fry it into a crispy potato pancake. “Call it rosti for maximum elegance,” says Clark.

3. If your vegetables are overcooked or over-seasoned, fold them into unseasoned eggs to make a frittata, quiche filling or soufflé.  So smart—and so simple!

You can read the whole article here. (She also has a great tip on how to rework botched pastry.)

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