Month of Dinners Blog Relay Day 17: Turkey Cutlet Sandwiches With Oven Fries

October 9, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

Turkey Cutlet Sandwich With Oven Fries

It’s my turn to pick up the baton (Knife? Spatula? Apron?) in our Month of Dinners Blog Relay. I made the Turkey Cutlet Sandwiches With Oven Fries, a recipe that far exceeded my expectations.

My sandwich-making skills are pretty straightforward—layer on some cold cuts, cheese, mustard or some type of tasty spread (no mayo, please), lettuce and tomato, and maybe something else fun or yummy that’s hanging out in my kitchen (olives, chips, and peppadew peppers have all made appearances). During tomato season, the old standby is sliced heirloom tomatoes and ricotta on a toasted baguette. I don’t usually cook anything when I make a sandwich (not even the sandwich—I don’t do paninis and rarely make grilled cheese), so this recipe was a bit of a change.

I got the sweet potatoes into the oven first since they take about half an hour to roast. Then I grated the carrot, shredded the cabbage, and mixed it with the mayo, sugar, and Tabasco (I put in extra hot sauce because I like things spicy). I cooked off my cutlets—super easy—and when the potatoes were nicely browned and crisp, I toasted the bread and assembled my meal.

Warning: This is one messy sandwich, but it’s messy in a very satisfying way because there’s so much goodness inside, some of it just has to spill out. The freshly cooked turkey cutlets made a world of difference (sliced roasted turkey from the deli just can’t compare—it’s like a whole different food group) and the slaw was a refreshing complement. I’m not a mayo fan but I didn’t mind it here; there was just enough to hold the slaw together and add a little moisture without getting goopy. The kick from the hot sauce gave the sandwich a great boost and the dill pickle was a nice touch, adding another juicy, crisp component. And sweet potato fries are one of my all-time favorite things. Needless to say, this meal was a surprisingly big hit. I’m a convert!

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