Sponsored: Find Time to Pamper Yourself

by Molly Gold, Real Simple A-Lister and founder of GoMomInc.com

It’s easy for busy moms to forget to pamper themselves. We spend so much time taking care of everybody else that it’s difficult to find some important “me-time.” Here are some quick ways to pamper yourself (without the guilt!).

1) Schedule it in: Do you have extra time before you pick up the kids or in between meetings? Plan ahead and schedule a manicure or massage during this down time. Try salons or spas conveniently located to where you need to be.

2) Think ahead: Schedule as many hair or nail appointments as you can in advance. Mark them in your calendar so you’ll never forget to touch up your roots or have to cope with a shaggy head of hair.

3) Treat yourself daily: Pamper yourself a little each day with great beauty products. Indulge yourself with quality makeup, age-defying lotions, an awesome flat iron, and luxurious hair products that tame your locks. A little beauty time each day goes a long way.

4) Make it social: Every month, schedule a girls’ night out with gal pals at a local spa for mani-pedis and facials. You’ll enjoy plenty of time with your friends, plus much-needed pampering. Some spas let you make reservations after hours (depending on your group’s size) and even let you bring your own refreshments.

How do you find time to pamper yourself? Tell Molly Gold via GoMomInc.com, plus learn more tips to outsmart the chaos in your home.

(image: Getty Images)