Some Things Are Better in Small Doses

October 8, 2012 | By | Comments (1)

Yes, sometimes super sizing can be economically sound, but then you’re committed to (stuck with?) using that one product. If you are easily distracted, buying beauty products in mini sizes can add a little fun and relief to an often mundane routine. Here are my latest and greatest that come in teeny-weeny packages.

If you’re sick of the scent of your jumbo-sized body wash and want to change it up—without having to pop for 20 ounces—try Sephora’s Creamy Body Wash Caps (80 cents each, The super-moisturizing .26-ounce cleansers come in 14 scents, ranging from fresh cotton flower to sweet toffee. At less than a dollar each, you can keep a stack for guests, the gym, or travel.

As the season changes, your lips might need different treatments. Fresh’s hydrating and protecting lip salves are ideal for every weather—and style. The Sugar Addiction Mini Lip Collection ($48, is perfect for trying every tint. The colors don’t go on very strong, but they’re very buildable if you want more of a hue. Bonus: Throw one in every bag without worry; the twist-lock caps keep them from opening.

Have you ever finished an entire bottle of polish? I like to consider myself quite the beauty junkie and have yet to achieve that feat. Each of the mini bottles in the Sephora by OPI Nailed It! kit ($36, holds a quarter of the normal amount of polish, but the set contains 10 colors–from glitter to nude, the brand’s best sellers–for the price of three full-size bottles.