Costumes for your kids – Homemade or store bought?

October 7, 2012 | By | Comments (3)

As of October 1st, the pressure from my children to purchase their Halloween costumes was on.

Whenever this time of year rolls around, I read with interest and respect articles and posts instructing parents on how to make your own costumes. Once, many years ago, when I had more time and less children, I actually made a Dash costume for our then 3 year old. (Sadly, I can’t find pictures – but I’ll keep looking).

These days, with each of my children having strong opinions about what they want to be for Halloween, and my wardrobe crafting skills being fairly limited, we have become a family that buys our Halloween disguises. Although one thing I’m always sure to do is comparison shopping – after recent visits to a few local Halloween shops I was able to save a significant amount on our daughter’s Power Ranger costume.

We have been known to enhance a costume with a few homemade touches, as I did in the photo above where I painted my daughter’s face. It had nothing to do with the Snow White costume, but made her feel more “dressed up.”

With Halloween fast approaching, will your children be wearing homemade or store bought costumes this year?